How To Tell You’re Not Settling For A Partner – 9 Signs

How To Tell You're Not Settling For A Partner - 9 Signs

Social media has tried convincing us that you’re settling if a guy isn’t wealthy.

But this post will show you qualities in a partner that tells you you’re not settling.

So you can grow a great relationship with the partner of your dreams.

Let’s begin.

How do you know you’re not settling?

How your partner treats you is the most crucial tell-tale sign if you’re settling.

Let’s discuss other qualities to help you decide.

1. He puts you first

How To Tell You're Not Settling For a Partner - 9 Signs

If he puts you first, you’re not settling.

When someone puts you first, he includes you in decision-making, among many other things.

But when they don’t, you better believe you’re settling.

I dated someone who made plans without me.

And will only add me at the last minute when others fail to show up.

And as expected of such a relationship, we split up in the end.

Now, I’m with someone who puts me first.

And he won’t apologize for putting his wife and kids before anything and anybody.

And I believe I have more than I ever wished for in a marriage.

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2. He is kind

Nothing beats a kind person.

You’re not settling when your guy or potential partner is kindhearted.

When a man is kind, you will see it.

And it won’t look forced because it’s second nature for him.

He might not even think about it.

For example, you had a stressful day, and he brings you lunch or dinner.

Aren’t we always talking about food? Lol.

I’ll always focus on the little kindness because that’s where you see the most love.

So look at the little things he does.

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3. He respects you

Another sign you’re not settling is that he respects you.

He doesn’t belittle you and your choices.

But some guys will never miss a chance to disrespect you.

They might flirt with other women in your presence.

Or even disrespect you for entertainment purposes for their friends.

If you’re in a situation like that, don’t settle.

Please free yourself and run.

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4. He thinks for himself

If you have a man who can think for himself without external influence, you’re not settling.

This means he can make good decisions without checking in with Mommy.

Some people will never date or marry someone their family doesn’t approve of or cannot control.

Have you seen or heard some men talk about how their relationship ended because their family didn’t like their wives?

Even if he knew she was good to him.

Well, you get the gist.

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5. He’s not manipulative

If he’s manipulative, babe, you’re settling.

I don’t care how good-looking and rich a guy is; if he’s manipulative, I’m out.

I’ve been in manipulative relationships before.

They’ll never admit when they’re wrong.

And they’ll do or say anything to keep from apologizing.

I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

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6. He makes time for you

Another good sign you’re not settling is that he makes time for you.

Some people will give us everything but their time.

If you have a partner who spends quality time with you, you have more than most relationships.

In relationships where both partners are happy, you’ll notice they spend quality time together.

But when people talk about how their relationship went downhill, they also mention how they stopped spending time together.

7. You like him

Do you like him?

If you like him, trust me, you’re not settling.

One thing I never tried to do was lead on someone I don’t like.

If I don’t like a guy, I will make it known so we can move on.

Because I don’t want to waste both of our time.

Sometimes, you won’t vibe with a guy, and it’s okay.

And sometimes you’ll meet someone and like everything about them.

And if they like you, then it’s a win-win.

But if they don’t, please don’t push it.

8. You’re attracted to him

Like liking them, you must also be attracted to someone you want to date.

One thing I’ll never do or advise anyone to do is be with someone they’re not attracted to.

If you’re attracted to him, you’re not settling, especially if the feeling is mutual.

But if he’s not attracted to you, please drop it like it’s hot and move on.

Because such relationships only lead to heartache.

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9. He has a job or plans to improve his income.

Yes, let’s talk money.

I know some of us don’t like talking about money in relationships.

Trust me, I know. Been there. Still there.

But if you have a guy who has plans and makes moves to be financially independent, you’re not settling.

You must avoid someone with no income or plans to improve their life.

So, if you have a kindhearted partner with an honest source of income or are still working hard to earn money, you’re not settling.

Conclusion on how to tell that you’re not settling for a partner

I wrote this post to highlight what’s important in relationships.

We must understand that there’s more to life than physical appearances and material things.

But it would be best if you were attracted to them.

And focus on how they treat you and those around them.

Once you nail these things, you’ll see you’re not settling, even if you earn more than him.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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